Favorite Music from 2012

My methods of music consumption have been sporadic at best this year. From obsessively using Spotify to discount CD sales to whatever happens to come on the radio to whatever pitchfork says a savvy cool kid should be listening to. There is too much music out there to say this is the best music, but I know from all that I have listened to that this is my favorite music of 2012.

Top 10 Favorite Songs (Outside my favorite albums):

10. “The Wave” Miike Snow

9. “Take a Walk” Passion Pit

8. “The Motto” Drake feat. Lil Wayne

7. “Manny Pacquiao” Kool A.D.

6. “I Will Wait” Mumford and Sons

5. “Swimming Pools (Drank)” Kendrick Lamar

4. “Triftshop” Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

3. “Laura” Bat For Lashes

2. “One Sixteen” Trip Lee feat. KB, Andy Mineo

1. “Thinkin Bout You” Frank Ocean

Top Six (Cause I couldn’t think of four more) Favorite Albums of 2012:

6. Out of Frequency – The Asteroids Galaxy Tour


Big horns and a lead vocal that rides that fine line between unique and grating. The whole album is like an Austin Powers movie score. Listen to: “Dollars in the Night” “Major”

5. Church Clothes Mixtape – LeCrae


While I wasn’t super pumped about LeCrae’s 5th studio album Gravity, his mixtape hosted by Cannon had more than enough bangers to get me through many weekends of yard work under the hot Boise sun. Listen to: “APB” “Church Clothes” “Black Rose”

4. Halcyon – Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding Halcyon

Easily my favorite dance record of the year, Halcyon’s production wins over Ellie’s vocals to where it seems like Ellie is being sampled on her own LP. Goulding turns in her best Florance Welch impersonation in “My Blood” to great success and “Figure 8” is up there with whatever the rave kids are tripping to these days. The ballads cannot compete with fellow British pop star Adele, but no one really expects that from another human being. Listen to: “Anything Could Happen” “Figure 8” “My Blood”

3. Everything Else Fades Mixtape – The Intervention


With what might seem like a very biased number three spot having spent the summer with the members of The Intervention this mixtape deserves this spot because…well, it’s one of my favorites. That’s how this works, right? The collection ranges from songs that sound like their previous work (“Answer the Call”, “Strong Enough”) to some crazy growth in production value from songs featuring all three members to the solo tracks. Can’t wait for their projects in 2013. Listen to: “Houdini” “Iron Shirt” “Dear Lord”

2. Instrumental Mixtape 2 – Clams Casino


Clams has been producing for the up and coming generation of rappers and released a second set (hence the name) of instrumental tracks (again, the name). What the listeners find is that adding to a Clams Casino track only makes it less beautiful. No surprise that the worst offender is Lil B, but even A$AP Rocky doesn’t seem to find a way to add to his tracks without me wishing he was muted. Now I don’t have to worry, thanks Clams! Listen to: “Kissing on my Syrup” “I’m God” “Bass”

1. Who’s Feeling Young Now? – Punch Brothers


I have almost been following Chris Thile since someone in Montana showed me Nickel Creek about five years ago. But who does that anymore? Anyway, his last project, The Goat Rodeo Sessions, featuring none other than the only cello player I know Yo Yo Ma, was a great album. This year, however, Chris nails down his progressive blue grass style again with the band he’s been with since 2008. This album is filled with catchy, dance-able tunes that I’m pretty confident no one will hate…which is impressive in our cynical world of music snobs. Every single member of this group really owns their instrument and becomes overwhelmingly apparent on “Flippen (The Flip)”. Not to mention, there’s a cover of “Kid A” and who doesn’t love Radiohead? Punch Brothers is to Mumford as an electric guitar is to a Guitar Hero controller. Listen to: “This Girl” “Flippen (the Flip)” “Kid A” “Don’t Get Married Without Me”

So there ya go. I’m sure this list will be all flipped around three months from now when I catch up with the world, but as for now 2012 shall be celebrated as seen above. Happy 2013