January Highlights

Here are some highlights from albums, EPs, and singles released in the month of January! Enjoy!

1. Kool A.D. Not Ok


What is it? One half of Das Racist, Kool A.D., has been releasing his own mixtapes since the group’s debut and only LP Relax. This is more of the same reference-filled, mumbling mc work A.D. has claimed–which is all fine with me. I guess he has an LP coming this year?!

Standout Track: Pass the Milk feat. Milo

2. Duck Sauce Duck Droppings


What is it? Duck Sauce is the pairing of two dance music producers A-Trak and Arman Van Helden. Their super-catchy single “Barbara Streisand” got them some attention and they have been performing live together as Duck Sauce recently. Lots of cheesy, disco-esque super tunes. And by lots, I mean four.

Standout Track: Calamari (Put the Sauce on it)

3. Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang Four Foot Shack


What is it? Les Claypool might now best be known for creating the theme song to South Park but before that he was thumping out the most ridiculous bass lines for his 90s hillbilly rock group Primus. Now he’s grabbing an old friend and making a cover record. Some are covers of himself, but a few are twangy reworkings of more mainstream songs.

Standout Track: “Man in the Box” (Alice in Chains cover)

4. Andy Mineo Neverland


What is it? Christian Rapper Andy Mineo, the token white emcee in the 116 Clique, has released a new EP a la his previous mini-project Saturday Morning Car-Tunz. Most of the tracks are simple trap beats with mellow R&B hooks, but when Marty of Social Club comes in to help out…wasn’t expecting a Wookie call.

Standout Track: “Paisano’s Wylin'” feat. Marty of Social Club

5. HeeSun Lee Stereotypes


What is it? To perpetuate the Christian-to-secular-rapper comparisons, HeeSun Lee is the Christian Angel Haze. Both are New York female emcees who relentlessly deliver line after line to prove their worth to the male-soaked profession. HeeSun Lee gets a little too on-the-nose with a lot of her message (which is covered over and over) but her style helps sell her product.

Standout Track: Breaking all the Rules (feat. Kei Landa, Erica Cumbo)

6. Davis Absolute Thought Poet


What is it? This is, from what I can glean, the debut mixtape from little-known Christian rapper Davis Absolute. The first half is pretty unique and brings some cool electronic vocals into the genre.

Standout Track: “Thought Poet”


Awesome Music Video of the Month:

Neon Trees “Sleeping With A Friend”