August Highlights

1. Spoon They Want My Soul


Spoon keep the mood and tempo up and light with their new record.

Standout Track: “Knock Knock Knock”

2. The New Pornographers Brill Bruisers

brill bruisers

The first time I heard The New Pornographers was a cut of “Graceland” on this sampler CD. Here, the same team build a rock n roll album that is fun and loud.

Standout Track: “Brill Bruisers”

3. Ariana Grande My Everything

ariana grandeThe new radio pop diva releases her second album. The highlights come from when the young singer channels her 90s pop idols and lets her voice command the tracks rather than succumbing to the overly-produced instrumentals.

Standout Track: “Be My Baby” Feat. Cashmere Cat

4. B-Boe Crescendo


From his Controversy Mixtape series, B-Doe has build a very particular rhyme scheme. He uses lengthy, coloqiual phrases rather than punchy hashtag raps or punchlines. Because of his predictable rapping, the album shines when he breaks his own mold and takes on more diverse internal rhymes.

Standout Track: “Tell It”

Music Video of the Month

Hoodie Allen: “Movie”



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