New Music: September

  1. FIDLAR Too


The acronym FIDLAR stands for “Fuck it dude, live’s a risk” and if there is a better name-to-sound match I would love to see the evidence. This sophomore album is so indulgent in moody, wily behavior and its clangy guitars and shout/scream vocals that if you’re on board for the opening track, you’re on board for the album’s entirety. This was a huge surprise and has a good shot at being the 2015 album I listen to over and over again years to come.

Standout Track: “40 oz on Repeat”

2. Beirut No No No


I love Beirut’s second album, The Rip Tide, and it has a lot to do with the horn arrangements. They are gorgeous. Here, on the band’s third album, the lead singer’s vocals take the front seat and the guitar gets some good features. More beautiful songs…it’s just a peaceful record.

Standout Track: “Perth”

3. JR JR S/T


NAME-DROPPING ALERT: I opened for Jr Jr once upon a time. They were called Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. back then and they had just released their second album. Here, they are renamed and realigned into a more pure electro-pop avenue than before. They stick to more conventional song structures, not always, and their melodies are more ear-wormy than prior efforts.

Standout Track: “Gone”

4. CHVRCHES Every Open Eye


What’s the difference between this album and CHVRCHES’ debut album? Not much. Which makes this another great, pop-synth album front-to-back. There is so much joy on this month’s list!

Standout Track: “Leave A Trace”

Favorite Music Video of the Month:


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