Favorite New Music: October

Cakes Da Killa Hedonism


The front end of Hedonism has rapper Cakes Da Killa spitting over thumping techno beats, which propels the album with high energy. “New Phone (Who Dis)” moves the album into a poppier field with a beat complete with syncopated rim shots and a synth melody reminiscent of late 2000s pop rap. The down tempo, moodier songs “Tru Love” and “Revelations (Outro) are a nice reprieve from the heavy bass hits, and balances out the album from the back end of the track list.

Standout Track: “New Phone (Who Dis)

Jeff Rosenstock Worry.


Life-long outcast Jeff Rosenstock comes through with another solid emo rock album that nearly rivals the near-perfect We Cool? of a few years back. A short documentary was produced to back the album, and shows Jeff’s strong vision for this higher budget project.

Standout Track: “Wave Goodnight to Me

D.D Dumbo Utopia Defeated


Standout Track: “Satan

New Wave can seem, well, old. Utopia Defeated is soaked in sonic nostalgia, but the dance rock beats and the very Sting-esque vocals create a fun album for dancing. This is a strong debut album for the group as they are added to the 4AD roster.

Lewis Del Mar S/T


This acoustic dance duo have found their footing in popular culture with their single “Loud(y)” and much of this album features similar musical tropes: simple, distorted percussion, single-note lead guitar melodies, and vocals akin to that of Imagine Dragons’ cleaner tunes. The more cut-and-paste the instruments, the more energy the group exudes in their work.

Standout Track: “Malt Liquor

Joyce Manor Cody


There is something special when a band gets away with selling the lines: “What do you think about Kanye West? / I think that he’s the great, I think he’s the best / Yeah, I think he’s better than John Steinbeck / I think he’s better than Phil Hartman.” Is it stupid? Yes. Is it brilliant? I can’t tell.

Standout Track: “Fake I.D.

More Solid Albums: Phantogram Three ; Acid Arab Musique de France ; The Game 1992 ; Bell X1 Arms ; NxWorries Yes Lawd! ; The Radio Dept.Running Out of Love ; C Duncan The Midnight Sun




February Highlights

Music in February’s got me head-bobbin’ like ol’ Gandalf.

Full Albums/Mixtapes:

1. Acid Arab Collections LP 


What is it?

Parisian DJs/producers Guido Minisky and Hervé Carvalho who, when together, call themselves Acid Arab have collected an LP’s worth of bumping house music infused with Middle Eastern music, both traditional and modern. It’s loud and in your face and the dichotomy has been catching steam in pop music from Syrian Wedding singer Omar Souleyman’s “Wenu Wenu” to Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty”

Standout Track:

2. Leikeli47 lk47ptii Mixtape


What is it?

Masked performers catch a lot of attention for their “anonymity” first and their music second. And with the piles of new music being released daily online no one would blame the publicity stunt for the extra buzz. It worked for Flying Lotus’ Captain Murphy persona and it’ll work for Leikeli47: a NY female rapper who spits venom all over her mixtape titled lk47ptii. To highlight the hype-value, she opens the mixtape with a quote straight out of The Dark Knight Rises. Cheesy or Epic? Your choice.

Standout Track: “Miss America”

3. Bombay Bicycle Club So Long, See You Tomorrow


What is it?

The new LP from England’s contest-winning indie rock group brings lots of up-tempo tunes that are easy on the ears.

4. Solids  Blame Confusion
What is it?
I’m not normally a fan of noisy guitar fuzz rock, but Solids come in with a loud, brash bang and don’t give up. The mix seems a little more bearable on this LP and strikes a clearer chord with me. 
Standout Track: “Haze Away”


1. James Blake and Chance the Rapper “Life Round Here”

What is it?

James Blake, grammy nominated dub-crooner, and Chance the Rapper, Chicago’s next big thing, might now be roommates. But more importantly, they now collaborate on musical ventures. With talks of a longer project (mixtape maybe, please?) the two released this bit of hip-hop.

2. The Bleachers “I Wanna Get Better”

What is it?

Fun. is a band who finds its strength in being the world’s most successful Queen cover band. And while leader singer Nate Ruess spends his time singing duets with P!nk, guitarist Jack Antonoff has started his solo project The Bleachers. Check out the similarities and differences.

Favorite Music Video:

Metronomy “Love Letters”

Directed by Michel Gondry, known for his Bjork music videos, memorable commercials, and trippy movies like Be Kind Rewind and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Back to directing music videos, Gondry uses his crafty staples to represent Metronomy’s throw back style.

Favorite Cover:

Miley does OutKast, Diplo does Beyonce, and Lorde does James Blake, but good ol’ Jimmy Fallon takes the cake on this superb reimagining of “Ignition (Remix)” by R. Kelly