Favorite New Music: January

1.Brian Eno Reflection


There hasn’t been any inclination to seek out ambient music; it just seemed like homework to me, especially when there was some trendy rap mixtape I had still not listened to. But as I age, the calming (and single-track) new album from Brian Eno reminds me to slow down and breath. It’s not dull-minded like the soundtrack to one of my mom’s yoga tapes, but more thoughtful and complex in its arrangement and instrumentation.

Standout Track: “Reflection

2.Run The Jewels RTJ3


Killer Mike and El-P released their 3rd album as Run The Jewels digitally in December, but was physically released in 2017 (complete with stickers!) and so ends up here on this list. The duo continues to produce bangers on the caliber of RTJ2, but adds a few songs that pull the veil back and reveal some more personal details, especially from El-P’s verses on “Thursday in the Danger Room” and “A Report to the Shareholders”. A high bar is set for Rap in 2017.

Standout Track: “A Report to the Shareholders: Kill Your Masters

3. P.O.S. Chill, dummy


Two years ago, the Doomtree collective released All Hands which featured all of the gang in Doomtree including P.O.S who then had huge complications with his health. His previous record, We Don’t Even Live Here, was supposed to be his mainstream rap release, but lost the opportunity to tour due to his ailment. in 2017, Stefan is back and healthy and releasing his most melodic work to date. The finale, an 8-minute comeback track released last year, highlights these personal struggles and has Stefan surrounded by friends and colleagues, which makes the project hit on a deeper emotional level.

Standout Track: “Faded

4.Cherry Glazerr Apocalipstick


A little psych rock, a little garage punk, and little of everything in between, Cherry Glazerr’s guitar heavy rock album has just enough DIY sentiment to be charming with the studio-quality mixing to keep the project easy on the ears. It’s fun, sarcastic, and poppy.

Standout Track: “Trash People

Other Solid Releases: Cloud Nothings Life Without Sound ; Japandroids Near to the Wild Heart of Life ; Train a girl a bottle a boat ; SACRED PAWS Strike A Match; The xx I See You ; SOHN Rennen ; Sundara Karma Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect






2016: Favorite Tracks and Albums

Favorite Tracks (Outside of my Favorite Albums)

15. Joyce Manor “Fake I.D.” – Most awkward exchange at a party.

14. Danny Brown “Really Doe” ft. Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Sou, Earl Sweatshirt – Danny Brown’s experimental album had this more traditional, bangin’ posse cut right in the middle.

13. Brvndon P “Coolin” ft. Beleaf – 2o16’s best pitch corrected hype man lines.

12. ANOHNI “4 Degrees” – Coolest vocal tones

11. Ariana Grande “Let Me Love You” ft. Lil Wayne – Sexiest song of the year

10. Mutual Benefit “Not For Nothing” – From the saddest album of the year.

9. Gallant “Bone + Tissue” – best use of falsetto.

8. Joey Purp “Girls @” ft. Chance the Rapper – best instrumental

7. Kanye West “Ultralight Beam” ft. Chance the Rapper – best Chance verse.

6. Run the Jewels “Legend Has It” – the most RTJiest song to date.

5. Baauer “Day Ones” ft. Novelist, Leikeli47 – best song to crank to 11.

4. Lizzo “Good As Hell” – best feel good song

3. Into It. Over It. “Adult Contempt” – best percussion part

2. Jack Garrett “Worry” – best PBR&B tune

  1. Dawes “When The Tequila Runs Out” – best lyricist of 2016.

Favorite Albums of 2016

10. Jeff Rosenstock WORRY.


While this album is nowhere as nuanced as Rosenstock’s previous record We Coo?, WORRY. has all the trappings of a great pop punk record – 1/8 note bar chords blasted through tube amps, a substantial helping of crowd “woahs”, and the blistering shouts from the front man himself.

Standout Tracks: “Festival Song” “Wave Goodnight to Me” “Blast Damage Days”

9. Swet Shop Boys Cashmere


Heems’ project always capture my attention; whether its the Das Racist mixtapes or his solo projects, his use of humor and ad-lib skills make for an enjoyable listen. Here, the content becomes more politically-themed as he tag teams with Riz Ahmed, a Londoner of middle eastern heritage. The instrumentals sample sounds and artists of southern Asia (similar to Heem’s debut album Eat Pray Thug) thanks to the brilliant work of Redhino. Unlike the mixtapes, this project has no slack or throwaway moments; it’s all solid and important rhetoric communicated through club rap tracks.

Standout Tracks: “T5” “Aaja” “Zayn Malik

8. Modern Baseball Holy Ghost


The emo rock world has been catching a new wave of energy: 2016 saw great music from Into It. Over It., Joyce Manor, Useless ID, Real Friends, and TTNG. The project that floats to the top of that powerful list is Modern Baseball’s newest LP Holy Ghost. It’s simplicity works in its favor as the heart-on-sleeve lyrics take a front seat.

Standout Tracks: “Note to Self” “Wedding Singer” “What If..”

7. Regina Spektor Remember Us To Life


Regina Specktor’s newest album is a very theatrical project: each song is an independent vignette telling specific stories, some with fleshed out characters. Many musical moments are musical theater tropes, or that of a film score, and inform the lyrics and mood much more than the poppier piano projects Specktor has released previously in her career.

Standout Tracks: “Grand Hotel“”Small Bill$” “The Light

6. Weezer Weezer [The White Album]


It’s hard not to adapt the opinions of others in our formative years. I did not know, for example, that Weezer had bad albums. I bought what turned out to be, critically speaking, Weezer’s least popular records: The Red Album and Raditude. It wasn’t long after diving into diverse musical realms through college that these albums began to wain in quality, and some if it upon re-listening sounded horrendous.

2014’s comback-ish Trouble Will Find Us In The End turned out to be an album-long drum roll to the real surprise: 2016’s The White Album. The melodies are fun and within Weezer’s wheelhouse. The guitars rule, as they did in 2o14, and the subjects while not as eclectic are explored in odd ways…ways familiar to early Rivers Cuomo lyric sheets.

California Kids” “Jacked Up” “King of the World

5. Anderson.Paak Malibu


Raspy-throated crooner Anderson.Paak went from behind-the-scenes producer for Dr. Dre’s Compton to front man extrordonare. Now grammy nominated, Paak unleased his varied talents as rapper, James Brown impersonator, band leader, drummer, and all around classy chap in this funky record. It’s meaty and yet airy, with thick product that somehow keeps the songs light. It’s a musical magic trick to behold.

Come Down” “The Dreamer” “Parking Lot

4. Thao and the Get Down Stay Down – A Man Alive


2013’s We Are Common also made it onto my AOTY list, and Thao has only upped her game since then. With production help from the brain behind tUnE-yArDs, this LP unleashes a torrent of quirky rock tunes circling the singer’s personal search of her birth father. It’s deep, thought-provoking, and catchy.

Standout Tracks: “Departure” “Astonished Man” “Nobody Dies

3. PUP The Dream is Over


My favorite album of 2015 was FIDLAR’s Too, and this album takes the same musical influences and creates an equally raucous track list. The earnestness of the lyrics and the group shouts create an effective woe-is-me pathos, but the song structures are exceptional: multiple bridges, key changes, an incredible drummer, and time signature experimentation make this album an excellent record for all kinds of music lovers.

DVP” “Sleep in the Heat” “My Life Is Over And I Couldn’t Be Happier” “Familiar Patterns”

2.clipping –  Splendor & Misery / Wriggle

The experimental Rap trio released two excellent, yet very different, projects in 2016. The first was an EP called Wriggle that delivered more of what we knew made clipping great: creative instrumental beats (one made entirely of gun noises), motor-mouth bars from Daveed Diggs, and memorable guest verses. It’s catchy, raunchy, and a powerful punch for an EP.

Fast forward a few months, and the group releases Splendor & Misery. A 40-minute rap-opera of a runaway space slave trapped on a cargo ship. Yup. Diggs runs wild with the imagery and the narrative while the instrumental production serves more like the sound effects of a radio play than that of a rap album. Both projects are excellent, and both deserve to be recognized.

Standout Tracks: “Shooter” “All Black” “Air ‘Em Out“”Back Up

1.Car Seat Headrest –  Teens of Denial

car seat headrest

Will Toledo has a runaway hit of an album: a debut album in the sense that it is the first with a nation-wide market release, but is technically his 12th album, most of which were dropped on bandcamp. The garage rock band is pure pathos, with Toledo yelping his emotions, ripping them off his sleeve and throwing them directly into your face. The guitars are rough and agitated, but hold together for melodic hooks, building most of the wall of sound. i had the privilege of seeing them live, and you know a band resonates with a generation when the crowd, during “Drunk Driver/Killer Whales” sung so loud that it through off the band, missing a cue to move into the final chorus. The record makes me equally jealous and understood; Toledo makes a fine mouthpiece for a lot of sullen youth.

Standout Tracks: “Drunk Driver/Killer Whales” “1937 State Park” “Fill in the Blank” “Destroyed by Hippie Powers”

New Music: March

1. J. Monty – Level 54


Christian Rapper J. Monty is one of Rapzilla’s Freshman Class of 2015 and has released the Level 54 mixtape as an introduction to a much larger audience. The focus here seems to be J. Monty’s lyrical skills as two of the tracks exist solely to give J. Monty space to spit one hundred bars. The personal indulgence is entertaining and doesn’t become dulling.

Standout Track: “100 Bars

2. Purity Ring – Another Eternity


Purity Ring’s debut album got a lot of attention, and deservedly, but from an interesting individual: rapper Danny Brown. The trip-hop electronic group produce another beautiful album with a heavy dose of hip-hop beats covered by beautiful female vocals. In retrospect, Purity Ring might have been responsible for getting my hooked on the subdued electronic music with female vocalists (Ellie Goulding, Lorde, ODEZA, Banks, and everyone else).

Standout Track: “bodyache

3. Action Bronson – Mr. Wonderful


Sometimes a rapper’s staying power is determined by their personality. More charistmatic personalities that outshine their musical talents often come and go quickly. Action Bronson has a lot to prove in order to keep himself in the business: he’s a 31-year-old white chef (with the body type to match) from Queens complete with a big, red beard. He sounds strikingly similar to Ghostface Killah, but worse comparisons could be made. His mixtapes have delivered a lot of comedy and here he continues with his fun personality. The professional shine of a debut album is a little distracting, but when Bronson gets to rap, it’s hard not to listen again and again.

Standout Track: “Baby Blue featuring Chance the Rapper

4. Death Grips – Jenny Death


Here’s a snippet of lyrics from Jenny Death: “Spit on you, spit on me/ All we know spit must be us/ Spit fits us, we spit and sniff/ We sniff and clutch each other’s fate/ I don’t care about real life, I don’t care about real life.” So, there ya go.

Standout Track: “On GP

Favorite Music Video of the Month:

The Best of 2014 Pt. 2

Favorite Albums of 2014

10. Barukh Surf


Christian Rap meets Surf Rock? Yep. But, not, like, for the whole thing. In fact, the surf rock thing only lasts for a few tracks. The rest are just good bangers ’bout the Lord.

Standout Tracks: “Wipeout”, “Lifeguard”, “Forever” “Wrecked”

9. Foster the People Supermodel


With their debut album, Torches, Foster the People loaded their song’s sound waves with heavy synth licks that ranged from catchy to completely bonkers, like a box of Acme Looney Tunes sound effects tossed down a flight of stairs. On their sophomore LP the trio has grown to nearly twice the size live and have created a mellower project that utilizes the electric guitar for its heavy instrumentation. The change yields songs that will have more shelf-life and capture a sound that The Killers were trying to re-ignite on their Battle Born album.

Standout Tracks: “Best Friends”, “Coming of Age” “Pseudologica Fantastica”

8. Nickel Creek A Dotted Line


Okay, so when Chris Thile ever does anything I will probably like it. Or love it. Or, in this year’s case, beg for a longer project. Nickel Creek was my first, and really only, experience in contemporary blue grass music and Thile’s mandolin magic has captured my fascination. I almost bought one this year. Anyway, A Dotted Line serves as a community garden where each member gets to plant their own solo work and watch the seeds develop through each other’s high quality musicianship. There is no weak link in this trio in song writing, playing, or singing, and this LP is a great reminder that they’re all still out there making music and that we should all be playing much closer attention. And, holy crap, “Hayloft” is probably the best song I’ve heard this year. It’s a cover, so I’m not sure it is allowed to end up on my end-of-year-list (who makes those rules, by the way? I have questions).

Standout Tracks: “21st of May”, “Destination”, “Hayloft”

7.  Run the Jewels RTJ2


Rappers El-P and Killer Mike can have so much fun while speaking to very heavy subject matters. The beats here are outlandish and chaotic and are met with equal force by the two men’s delivery. Killer Mike, especially, has the kind of voice that commands attention and will let you go when he’s good and ready to. Who knew last year’s first Run the Jewels project would lead to something like this? Don’t try to play this in a public area. You must blast it and then proceed to rage dance and/or flip over tables. You might be asked to leave. You’ve been warned.

Standout Tracks: “Blockbuster Night Part 1”, “Close Your Eyes (And Count to ****)”, “Crown”

6. Alvvays S/T


Alvvays is an album clearly meant to be released in the mid 2000’s during the heyday of Peter, Bjorn and John and their ilk of indy pop bands who have been filling track lists of cute indie movies through present day. There’s a lot of dream pop tunes on here which pulls on the nostalgia heart strings even more. Fuzzy guitars and gooey pop song structures keep this album a popular contender for repeated listens.

Standout Tracks: “Archie, Marry Me” , “Adult Diversion”“Next of Kin”

5.  “Weird” Al Yankovic Mandatory Fun


Rolling his way into its fourth decade, “Weird” Al’s career has shown little signs of slowing down. The parody king’s work continues to call the music industry’s bluffs and has inspired other comedy musicians to up their game. Mandatory Fun is Yankovic’s strongest album since Running with Scissors (my personal favorite). Although, in an interview ran a few years ago, Yankovic has discovered through an informal survey that people’s opinion of which album is best is completely based on which album was released closest to their twelfth birthday…which proves to be fairly close in my case. This album, then, is comedic gold to our current 5th and 6th graders out there.

Standout Tracks: “Jackson Park Express”, “Sports Song”, “Word Crimes”

4. Clipping CLPPNG


Noise Rap got a huge boost of interest during and after Death Grips career. Exmilitary exploded onto the internet and then came the highly acclaimed The Money Store. After their abrupt breakup announcement, other Noise Rap groups have a shot at filling the void. Clipping has been more than ready to receive some notoriety. The “beat” production challenges the listener not to turn down the speakers, but rapper Daveed Diggs begs you not to with his quick and creative delivery.

Standout Tracks: “Intro”, “Work Work”, “Inside Out”

3. Sylvan Esso S/T


Singer-Songwriter Amelia Meath and electronic producer Nick Sanborn (AKA Made of Oak) team up to create a unique project: folky electronica. Think Lorde-esque production with vocals akin to Ingrid Michaelson. And like Lorde, the power comes from the steep juxtaposition between ethereal, sweet vocals with dark and thumping beats. This project is beautiful, catchy, and of the current era.

Standout Tracks: “Coffee”, “Hey Mami” “Dreamy Bruises”

2. Andy Mineo Neverland


After his solid debut LP release Heroes for Sale, Christian Rapper Andy Mineo released his Saturday Morning Car Tunes project and then this…ep? album? mixtape? Something. The production is not as erratic as the album, and the tracks flow much more naturally. Andy is gaining a larger audience and this project is a professional-level introduction to the man who may help bridge the religious and secular worlds of hip hop.

Standout Tracks: “Neverland”, “Paisano’s Wylin'”, “Paganini”

1. Sam Smith In the Lonely Hour


I question whether I would even care to listen to In the Lonely Hour if Sam Smith was 40 years old. Or older. The soapy string instrumentation and consistent, borderline redundant theme of heartbreak are hard pills to swallow, and if an old, classic crooner like Manalow or Rod Stewart or whomever is a top seller at Target these days were behind the music I’d be hard-pressed to even give it a chance. Sam Smith, I think, is younger than I and has been stamped with that “old soul” descriptor given to, apparently, brit pop stars who sing sad songs (Winehouse and Adele). The album is held solely, but substantially, by Smith’s vocal performance. And every song is at least solid and at most transformative.

Standout Tracks: “Money on my Mind”, “Stay With Me”, “Like I Can”

So that’s it for 2014! Happy New Years everybody!